Work With Gina

Work With Gina

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Media Spokesperson Work

Gina has been featured in print, broadcast and online media across Canada and in national television and radio commercials. She has acted as a national spokesperson for many recognized brands including: Becel, Almond Board of California, Centrum, Kraft, Dairy Farmers, Pulse Canada, Canadian Lentils, Manitoba Canola Growers, Healthy Grains Institute, Parmalat, and Dietitians of Canada to name a few. Gina is a co-founder of and is always happy to share her tips for media success by offering training and coaching to help dietitians develop a stronger media presence. To have Gina act as a spokesperson to professionally represent your brand contact her here.

Clients Gina has represented:

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Private Nutrition Consultations

In person in Winnipeg

Contact Gina for a private one-on-one consultation. Service includes full nutrition assessment, setting of individualized nutrition goals, and concrete steps and resources to help you achieve success. Gina provides consultation on most Mondays and Tuesday from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM. She specializes in women’s nutritional health needs. To book a private consultation with Gina, contact her here.

Outside of Winnipeg

Phone and Skype consultations are available. To book a phone or Skype consultation with Gina, contact her here.

Nutrition Communications


Gina is often called upon to assist in the creation of nutrition resources, as well as write guest blog posts and editorials for numerous clients including: Becel Centre for Heart Health, Kellogg’s,,, to name a few. To have Gina write a blog or guest editorial, contact her here.


Gina has acted as a nutrition expert and been interviewed by numerous national publications – Gina’s media page for some examples. To interview Gina, contact her here.

Social Media

Gina has acted as the social media spokesperson at several nutrition related events. To have Gina assist you with documenting your next event on Twitter, Periscope, and Instagram, contact Gina here.

Professional Presentations

Gina is a frequently requested speaker at professional conferences, brand launches and media events. Gina has presented workshops at the last three national Dietitians of Canada conferences in Ottawa, Quebec City, and Winnipeg. She has been the guest presenter for the Becel Centre for Heart Health Symposium, the Kellogg’s Nutrition Symposium, and more. To invite Gina to speak at your next conference or event, contact her here.

Food Styling

Gina has a flair for fabulous food styling and for creating beautiful displays. She does all of her own food styling for her television interviews, blog posts, recipes and photos. She has also provided food styling for a number of clients. If you would like to hire Gina to provide food styling for a recipe, or a broadcast interview please contact her here.

Recipe Development

Gina has been developing recipes from an early age. She enjoys creating nutritious recipes for clients, and her family is always happy to act as taste testers! If you have a great product and are seeking practical ways for customers to it use in recipes, Gina would love to develop unique recipe options for your brand. She will guarantee that the recipes will be easy to prepare and delicious, and consideration will also be given to ensuring the recipes are nutritious. If you would like to hire Gina to create recipes for your brand please contact her here.