Implementing steps for good nutrition doesn’t have to be a struggle.  March is Nutrition Month, and this year’s theme is to help Canadians “Take the Fight Out of Food”. To help you and your family take the fight out food, and enjoy improved nutritional health without complicated meal plans, elaborate calorie counting regimens, or falling victim to fad diets, use these simple ideas as a road map for nutrition success. After all, eating healthy is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle for your family’s overall health.

In celebration of Nutrition Month 2017, Dietitians of Canada has a three-step approach to help improve your relationship with food, no matter what your “food fight” is:

1. Spot the problem. Identify or define the specific nutrition problem that needs to be solved, since it’s causing a fight with food.

2. Get the facts. Decide what needs to be done to solve the problem, using reliable and credible sources.

3. Seek support. Put the plan into action with support from family, friends, and the help of a dietitian.

A permanent change in your eating habits will help keep you healthy. The following tips do not involve measuring, weighing, or calorie counting and can improve your health!

Plan ahead

Planning is a step in the right direction for improving the nutritional quality of your diet. Homemade meals and snacks are almost always healthier.

Cooking at home is not only delicious, but is also a cost-saving.

Consider trying a new recipe every week!

This week my family tried: Avocado, Roasted Squash and Black Bean Tacos

recipe from Cookspiration, a free Dietitians of Canada app that has more than 300 dietitian approved recipes.  If you are looking for new recipe ideas, download Cookspiration and your meal possibilities will be endless!

Eat regular meals and snacks

Skipping meals usually leads to overeating at the next meal. Skipping supper, for example, often makes you more prone to late night snacking. By eating regularly, you’ll be more likely to eat healthy portion sizes, and your body will have the energy it needs to power you through the entire day and evening. If your meals are spaced more than 6 hours apart, aim to include snacks between meals to maintain your energy level throughout the day.

Eliminate the competition

For example keeping a bowl of fresh fruit on your counter, so it is the first thing you see when you walk into your kitchen will prevent you from being temped by less healthy options.

Snack smart

Snacking has become a universal behavior. A recent survey found that 97% of North Americans snack at least once a day. So making the right snack choice can make a big difference in your family’s health.

Try these healthy snacks:

If you’re craving something sweet, try fresh fruit.

Have a smoothie bowl with Greek yogurt and seeds for a satiating snack.

If you’re in search of something crunchy, raw veggies and protein-rich hummus will do the trick.

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